Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christian Groups Accuse BBC

Last week's episode of BBC drama Spooks caused some minor outrage because its plot was based on a large Mossad conspiracy. Melanie Phillips wrote about it on her blog here.

This week's episode is set to cause more outrage. Its plot was that of a group of Christians who attacked Muslims in order to provoke a "holy war" between Christians and Muslims. Christian groups have complained that it amounts to incitement.

One religious group, Evangelical Alliance, told reporters:

This is yet another outrageous example of the BBC's anti-Christian bias. This beggars belief. I do think that there is a sinister and malicious agenda at work here and that they are trying to plant the seed of the idea through fiction that evangelical Christians are just as likely to carry out terrorism as some members of the Islamic faith.
While Spooks is fictional and should not be taken too seriously, there is little doubt that the Evangelical Alliance is correct when it says, "They would never dream of depicting groups such as homosexuals in the same way".