Thursday, November 30, 2006

IHRC On Extradition

Right on cue the Islamic Human Rights Commission springs into action to decry the extradition of two terror suspects to the USA. Their statement reads:

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the ramifications of today’s High Court decision to extradite British citizens Babar Ahmad and Harun Rashid Aswat to the US.

The decision highlights the manifest injustice of the Extradition Treaty whereby innocent British citizens can be extradited to the US on the flimsiest of evidence. To date, not a shred of evidence has been produced against these men which would warrant charges being brought against them in the UK.

In light of claims of the highest level of intelligence-sharing, IHRC finds it puzzling why evidence against the men, if it does exist, has not been passed on to British authorities in order to charge them in Britain.
Notice that the press release is trying to cast doubt on the case against the two men because they are not being tried in Britain. This is just a transparent ploy. They are not being tried in Britain because they did not commit crimes in Britain; they committed crimes in the USA that's why the USA wants to extradite them. The IHRC is well aware of this, but lying is what some Muslim groups do best.