Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Omar Bakri Recruiting Online

A BBC investigation has found that Omar Bakri, the head of Al Muhajiroun, is still actively radicalising Muslims via the internet. Bakri fled Britain to Lebanon when he thought he might be arrested and was since banned from returning.

The BBC found that he has regular internet chats with followers in which he encourages terrorism and jihad. The only thing wrong with this investigation is that it old news. Bakri has been using Paltalk to spread hate for over a year.

Last month, Bakri's son was stopped trying to smuggle £13,500 in cash to Lebanon in an envelope marked "Daddy". It was then revealed that Bakri had asked his followers, via the internet, to send money to his son to be sent on to him. At the time, Bakri threatened the police over its return.

It is obvious that angry young men do not become terrorists by themselves, it is people like Bakri who push them into it. When will the government take the necessary steps to stop people like Bakri from preaching hate.