Thursday, November 16, 2006

Police Consulting Muslims

Both Yorkshire Police and the Metropolitan Police Authority are consulting Muslims today regarding terrorism. In York, about 150 delegates from 43 mosques and other institutions are expected to attend a conference with police chiefs. It will be addressed by Abdul Bari from the MCB and the Deputy High Commissioner for Pakistan, as well as the police.

In London, the Metropolitan Police Authority are launching a series of consultations with members of the Muslim community to gauge their feelings in the current climate. The aim is to improve community relations.

Of course it is a good idea to keep the moderate Muslims on side. However, there are two interesting points. Firstly, Muslims spend loads of time complaining that they are being singled out, yet are happy to have an opportunity to tell the police what to do.

Secondly, does anyone think the police would do something similar for any other community? Will the Jewish community be consulted in this way over rising anti-Semitism? What about consulting the majority Christian communities?