Sunday, November 12, 2006

Terror Trials Need Shaking-Up

Sir Ian Blair told a summit in Germany that terror trials in Britain needed to be addressed to avoid the many problems that exist at the moment. One of the big problems is that cases take such a long time to get to court. Sir Ian gave an example that one major conspiracy would take over two and a half years to reach a trial.

He also said that the 28-days currently available to police to question suspects before charging them would need to be reviewed in the near future. Other details given by the BBC include his calling for a relaxation in the laws regarding the reporting of court cases to allow justice to become more visible; and permitting the use of phone-tap evidence in trials.

One detail completely missing from the BBC report is his statement regarding the cause of terrorism. He said that society must confront "the terrible ease with which it can be claimed that disagreement over foreign policy can justify murder". This claim is at the very heart of the Islamic extremist - left-wing alliance. Confronting that claim means confronting this alliance, something that every free thinking person should welcome.