Monday, November 20, 2006

War on Terror "Could Last 30 Years"

The Oxford Research Group, a global security think tank, has released a study into terrorism. They claim that there is every chance that the war against terrorism (read Islamic terrorism) could last 30 years. In other words, the war will last until a new generation or two of Muslims have grown up and seen that terrorism doesn't pay; assuming, of course, that we can send that message.

The group also claim that the election of Democrats in the US will make little difference. The report points out that leaving troops in Iraq is like a magnet to terrorists and withdrawing them will only make Iraq into a a country full of terrorists operating without restraint.

The author said:

Most people believe that the recent elections mark the beginning of the end of the Bush era, but that does not apply to the war on terror. In reality there will be little change until the United States faces up to the need for a fundamental rethink of its policies. So far, even with the election results, there is no real sign of that.

So much for the Democrats saving the day.