Sunday, November 12, 2006

Islamists Have Infiltrated at least Four Universities

The Muslim Chaplain of London's Metropolitan University has warned that Islamists have infiltrated at least four universities in the UK. He gave details of how he is working to try and de-radicalise many young people in that situation.

At Brunel University, up to 10 students are in that situation. Brunel's ties to terrorism go deeper. During the trial of Dhiren Barot, it was revealed that he had forged an entry pass to Brunel to carry out research there.

Other incidents, include Sheffield University hosting a lecture from a man who supports the death penalty for homosexuals. At Kingston University, the Muslim Chaplain for Goldsmith's told students that they should join the jihad against Israel. And last month Staffordshire University were addressed by a former member of banned group Al Muhajiroun.