Wednesday, November 22, 2006

British Muslim Admits Funding Terrorism

Hidden at the end of this article from the BBC is a report that one of the men on trial for plotting to blow up targets in Britain, had given money to terrorists.

The report's headline and opening paragraph are regarding one of the defendants' claim that he was tortured in Pakistan. Yet, at the end of the article is this:

In November 2001 he left Luton and moved to live in Pakistan. The court heard that just before leaving he took out two loans, for a total of £21,000.

Mr O'Connor said Mr Amin told Abbey National that one of the loans was for "home improvements" and he asked his client: "Did you knowingly act dishonestly?"

"Yes," Mr Amin replied.

"What were you intending to do with the money?" asked Mr O'Connor.

"[It was] for the cause, and for myself."

"The cause?" asked his lawyer.

"The Afghan jihad. I was thinking I could give it to the fighters or to the refugees."

Later he said he gave £12,000 to a man in Pakistan who had connections with both "the resistance" in Afghanistan, and to refugees from the US-led invasion.
Since the defendant gave no testimony regarding the alleged torture but did admit to funding terrorism, shouldn't the article be focusing on that? But then again, it's the BBC.