Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Truth About Veils Revealed

Dr Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, said that the veil does not conform to the "norms of decency" in Britain. He said that it stuck out and attracted unwanted attention; and that while people were free to wear it they shouldn't expect people to accept it.

In response to his statement, Yusuf Karvani of the York Muslim Association, told a local newspaper:

I don't think women in veils do stick out. In many cities, like Leeds, Bradford or Birmingham, it's a common sight - and there are more and more women wearing them now than before.
Hold on, throughtout the debate over Jack Straw's comments we were told that only a tiny number of people actually wore the veil. Now, it seems, that it is so common as to not be unusual, and is on the increase.

So, is it common and worthy of debate or is it rare and therefore sticks out? Or is it just possible that we are being told a bunch of lies by everyone who wants to stifle any debate?