Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Britons Support Veil Ban

A poll for the BBC has revealed that there is support for banning veils in Britain. Only one third said that they would support a complete ban in public places. However, when asked about specific places the numbers shot up.

61% support a ban in airports and passport control, 53% support it in courtrooms and classrooms.

As one Muslim spokeswoman said:

At the end of the day this is an item of cloth. We need to be taking a common sense view. If security is at stake, such as at an airport, then yes, of course, the veil should be removed. If it proves difficult in performing a task such as in a school, then it is up to the individual who is wearing the veil whether they want to work there or not.
So, we should not expect any complaints when legislation on this is put forward? Don't believe it for a second.