Thursday, November 09, 2006

Galloway Snubs School

George Galloway has cancelled an appearance at a school in Edgware because he didn't want to be forced to keep to the topic. He was invited to speak at North London Collegiate School in Barnet on the topic of the future of the Labour Party. However, some Jewish parents were worried that he may spout his usual anti-Semitic tirade against Israel and give his support for Palestinian terrorism. This is a perfectly understandable request; his incitement could easily make life uncomfortable for the Jewish students of the school.

The headteacher reassured parents that he would be told to keep to the point. He had said:

If he were to touch on areas that we didn't feel appropriate, we would redirect the discussion, but at the end of the day he isn't coming in to speak about Israel.
Seems perfectly sensible from the school too. But Mr Galloway couldn't bear to be told to stick to the point, so he cancelled his appearance, saying:
I cancelled it because of their discourtesy. I read on a Jewish web site that they intended to read me a lesson in what I might speak about and what I must not speak about. Well, Tony Blair hasn't been able to gag me and the North London Collegiate School would not be allowed to.
If Mr Galloway wanted to talk about Israel why would he accept an offer to talk about the Labour Party? And if he isn't interested in talking about Israel then what is the problem? Two possibilities spring to mind. 1) He wants any platform he can find to spread his unique form of hate or 2) being told to keep to the topic at hand would be such an ego bashing for him he can't stand the thought that it might happen.