Friday, November 03, 2006


Yet another ridiculous post from MPACUK today. Under the headline, "Anti-Semitism on the Rise", MPACUK go on to give two examples of Muslims being poorly treated. One of those was the case of the woman and the bus that was discussed here yesterday.

The obvious question is why the headline here is about anti-Semitism and not Islamophobia? The answer is simple. MPACUK, like many radical Jew-hating Muslims, try to claim that they can never be anti-Semitic because they are also Semitic. They seem to have decided to take this a stage further by attempting to have the term "anti-Semitism" extended to include attacks on Muslims.

Of course, this would be great for them because, besides not ever being labelled anti-Semitic, they also get a big boost to the number of attacks on "their" community. Let's hope that common sense, and dictionary skills, prevail and that this attempt fails. The consequences of it succeeding are worrying.

UPDATE: A commenter on MPACUK's website points out something very strange. While one of the stories in the article is about a Muslim child, the summary on the front page talks of a Jewish child. In fact, the summary is a direct quote from the article except that it exchanges "skull cap" for "Mosque cap" and where the article gives the name of the child, " Mohammed Tamazul" the front page says, "The Jewish Child". However, the summary still mentions that the boy was returning from Ramadan prayers.

The changes that were made were added in italics and bold. They must have been done deliberately, the only question is why? If anyone has an explanation please let us know.