Monday, November 06, 2006

MCB Reaction To Saddam Verdict

The topic of Saddam's death sentence isn't really relevant to this site. The reactions are completely predictable. Those who supported the war, because removing a murderous tyrant is generally a good idea, are glad that justice has been served. Those who, for a variety of reasons, decided that it was better to have Saddam in power think it is a huge tragedy.

Human Rights groups will bitterly complain that he didn't receive a fair trial; they would have made the same complaint had he been tried anywhere else. However, it is interesting to note the reaction of the Muslim Council of Britain. Abdul Bari, the Secretary-General, told reporters:

There are concerns about whether Saddam Hussein was ever going to receive a fair trial in Iraq given the sectarian tension that are rife. We stated at the outset we preferred for him to be tried in an international court.
This doesn't seem to be true, by the way. There do not appear to be any press releases on their site calling for an international court to try Saddam. Nor does a google search show up any such statement. Either way, the next part is the all important part:
There will be many in the Muslim world who will be asking when those responsible for launching the calamitous war in Iraq, in which tens of thousands on [sic] innocent people have died, will also be brought to justice.
Is that the MCB calling for Bush and Blair to be hanged? Or is it just the MCB innocently repeating what they think many Muslims want? Is there much of a difference?