Friday, November 10, 2006

Sacked Muslim PC Wants Police Protection

The Muslim PC who was sacked from his post in the Diplomatic Protection Group because he failed a counter-terrorism check, is asking for police protection. He decided to sue the Metropolitan Police for discrimination and as a result had his name, photo and details splashed across the papers. Now he feels that he might be in danger and needs police protection.

His lawyer wrote to the Met saying:

We have tried to protect the identity of our client but were concerned to discover today he had been photographed and his picture appeared in the Daily Mail and Daily Express....

Although most of the press comments have been balanced, the article in today's Daily Mail was inflammatory and caused our client to feel harassed. The article, 'the Al-Qaeda factor' appears to link our client to that organisation rather than the former imam at his former mosque. We believe the article may lead to our client being targeted by far-right groups
It is difficult to comprehend the complaint in this case. He is suing the police for unfair dismissal because he claims not to be connected to terrorism. It is inevitable that the media will investigate his background and shine a massive spotlight on any possible connections. If he didn't want any media attention he should not have gone ahead with his case.