Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Muslim Denies Calling for Non-Cooperation

Hat Tip to USS Neverdock for flagging this article.

It seems that Osama Saeed, who told Muslims it was their job to resist police investigations, is unhappy about being quoted. He told the newspaper that first reported the story that he was quoted out of context and that he had never called for non-cooperation.

However, the group who organised the meeting released a statement earlier in which they admitted that he had called for Muslims not to pass information to the police. The newspaper itself published the transcript of his speech. Although he did tell Muslims to "resist" and be "stronger in their defiance" of the police, that isn't a call for non-cooperation, apparently. Osama explained:

I’ve been asked if I disavow the statements attributed to me in the Dundee Courier. The fact is that the word ‘non-co- operation’ did not pass from my lips.
Taking him at his word that the resistance he was talking of wasn't a simple non-cooperation, what sort of resistance was it?