Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An MCB Press Release

Press statements from the Muslim Counicl of Britain are always interesting, this one is a gem.

It complains of the "indiscriminate killing" of 18 Palestinians today. While the deaths of innocent civillians in Gaza is distressing and wrong, the Israelis always seem to do their best to prevent them. Why is it that after every such incident orders are sent to cease all attacks and for an investigation to be made? If it were intentional would such orders be made?

Further (and this is no justification but a point to remember for the next paragraph) Palestinians are most definitely indiscriminate in their targeting; if anything they deliberately target women and children because they are "softer".

Moving on, the MCB says:

These acts of appalling criminality serve to demonstrate yet again, that many Israelis regard the Palestinian people in a racist manner and as a sub-human species.
This is illogical because this act was carried out by perhaps one Israeli soldier, or at worse, the chain of command involving maybe a dozen people. And even if it were deliberate by any of these people it might no have been motivated by such a feeling. It seems like a classic example of psychological projection; there is no doubt about the way most Palestinians are taught to view Israelis. And remember the accusation of "indiscriminate killing".
Less than one week after the Israeli Armed Forces [Actually called the Israeli Defence Forces for a good reason] shamelessly opened fire on a peaceful demonstration of women in the Bayt Hanun district of Gaza, before the cameras of the world, it has returned to kill more innocents.
This statement is absolutely unbelievable. There was no "peaceful demonstration". What really happened, was that a number of Palestinian terrorists had been surrounded inside a mosque. Hamas radio broadcast for women to come and act as human shields to rescue them. And so they did, they entered the mosque, dressed the terrorists as women and accompanied them out. No wonder Israel shot at them, and they have no right to complain about being killed because that is why they were there.

Finally, MCB finishes off with their demand:
We call upon the British government to use its diplomatic and political influence to put an end to these despicable war crimes and to lift the inhuman sanctions against the Palestinian people.
Those "inhuman sactions" are nothing more than not giving free aid to a Palestinian government that refuses to recognise Israel's right to exist and refuse to renounce violence. Nevertheless, the MCB, true to form, will slate one side, make no mention of the terrorism of the other and call on Britain to change our foreign policy to appease those terrorists. A moderate organisation?