Monday, November 27, 2006

MPACUK Encouraging Terrorism?

An article on MPACUK's website has the following headline:

If Zionists Can Fight In Israel - Should We?
The article asks the following question:
If Zionists are legally allowed to fight for Israel every year in the IDF, allowed to kill innocent Palestinian children, be welcomed back as war heroes and bring back the hatred they have fostered, should Muslims then be allowed to serve with Palestinian fighters?
The difference between serving with the Israeli army and fighting with Palestinian terrorists is obvious to anyone who is able to use their brain to think beyond the propaganda spewed forth by both terrorists and terrorist lovers (the left) alike.

However, leaving aside the many lies contained within the question, doesn't the article imply that British Muslims should become terrorists? Isn't it, in effect, an article rallying terrorists for war?

Perhaps not overtly. But given the other articles on the site, and the target audience, it certainly seems to be encouraging terrorism against Israel. This is exactly the kind of thing that is so dangerous. It is incitement to a specific audience that can be spun as a harmless question to others.