Friday, November 17, 2006

Iraq Was Linked to Al Qaeda

In the run up to the war we were told that Iraq had links to international terrorism. There was no doubt that this was true because it was widely reported that Saddam was paying the family of suicide bombers. However, what was disputed was that Iraq had links to Al Qaeda. The authorities, particularly in the US, insisted that it did.

Over the last few years liberals have insisted that Iraq had no such link to Al Qaeda and that the whole war was based on a lie. In fact, the left has had many different claims about the war; it was American Imperialism, bullying, revenge, an oil grab. Pretty much whatever they thought would convince people that the Americans were the bad guys.

However, last night, a British spy who had infiltrated Al Qaeda said that the network had planted evidence of their link to Iraq in order to get America to attack it. The Guardian insists that this is "bound to re-ignite the controversy over the war".

But this isn't true, if anything the controversy is now over. There WAS a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Whether we were tricked into it or not we had good reason for going there. When the Left-wingers start to use this as "evidence" that the war was wrong, remember that it is actually evidence that the war was justified.