Friday, November 03, 2006

PC Council Axes Guy Fawkes

Officials in Tower Hamlets, London, have decided to do away with Guy Fawkes and the bonfire for this years 5th November celebrations. In its place will be a Bengali folk tale. The majority of the council is, in fact, Bengali. A spokesman said:

This differentiates our celebrations from other boroughs and our events are proving to be extremely popular. Our sole aim is to stage an exciting event on the traditional Fireworks Night that will attract as many people as possible.

Nothing to do with history and tradition then. Even George Galloway has criticised the move, although for rather different reasons. While most people celebrate Guy Fawkes as the failure of the attempt to blow up Parliament, George said:

Guy Fawkes was one of the few men to enter Parliament with good intentions. It beggars belief that this council should organise a Bonfire Night without a bonfire or a Guy.

Guy Fawkes may be one of the world's first terrorists; not surprising then that he gets Galloway's full support.