Monday, November 06, 2006

Red Ken is Back

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is still on his trip to shore up the regimes of Castro and Chavez. In recent years he has kept his loony left stance quite well hidden, choosing instead to support the far-right Islamists. While in Cuba he felt it was safe to reawaken his red side.

He praised the communist dictatorship while condemning the democratic US. He declared that an American trade embargo, in place since 1962, is illegal. He also blamed them for launching an "evil war" in Iraq.

Leader of the London Assembly Tories Angie Bray summed it all up: “Its all the loony left stuff that people thought he’d packed away.”

Supporting dictators over democracies seems to be exactly what the left is all about. Just look at the reaction to the verdict handed to Saddam Hussein.