Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Attempt for 90 Days Expected

Lord Carlile has told the BBC that he expects a new bill to be presented early next year to "tidy up" some loose ends in the current anti-terror laws. One of the measures it may contain is a proposal to allow suspects to be held for 90 days without charge to give police enough time to collect all the necessary evidence.

Sir Ian Blair and other police chiefs have repeatedly asked for this measure. Sir Ian told reporters that police almost ran out of time before charging suspects over the plot to blow up transatlantic planes.

The law was voted down last time to a compromise of 28 days. If it is necessary then it should be implemented. However, since it is a big step, sufficient safeguards must be put in place, i.e. some evidence should be presented to a judge indicating that new evidence is likely to emerge before an extension is granted.