Thursday, November 09, 2006

Terrorists Hiding in Wales

A lecturer in international politics and terrorism, based in Swansea, told a local paper that terrorists are increasingly using Wales to cover their activities. He told the paper:

If a terrorist cell carries out all its emailing and internet work from one location they are virtually waving a big flag over their heads saying 'we are here'. So what they are doing increasingly is using motorways to get out of places like London and Birmingham and heading for the relative anonymity of places like Wales and Scotland.
However, he said that it really made little difference where they accessed the internet from because security services could track them just as well. One point, though, is that Wales isn't being used only for internet access but for other activities too. The 7/7 bombers spent some time in Wales for a bonding session. Clearly they felt that security in Wales was generally more lax than elsewhere.

Even if it isn't true, there shouldn't be such a feeling because it is important to keep those planning terrorism under pressure which makes it more likely that they will make mistakes and be caught.