Friday, November 17, 2006

Universities Urged To Fight Extremism

The government is issuing guidelines for universities to crack down on Islamic extremism on campus. Mr Rammel, the Higher Education Minister said:

The guidance provides a recognition - that I believe must be faced squarely - that violent extremism in the name of Islam is a real, credible and sustained threat to the UK. And that there is evidence of serious, but not widespread Islamist extremist activity in higher education institutions.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies said that the measures were unnecessary because they will only serve to exaggerate the threat which, he said, is very small.

Yet, A report from Sunday indicated that universities were hotbeds of radicalism. This took many forms, one of which was the inviting of speakers to universities who are allowed in without any vetting. Small measure like actually keeping an eye on Islamic Society activities - their speakers, websites and literature - will go a long way to stamping out radicalism.

And if it is only a tiny minority that need to be addressed than the measures will not affect most people and so no one should be upset by them.