Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Response to a Fan

Some of you may remember the loyal fan who had started his own site to pay tribute to this one (see here if you don't). Well, he doesn't post much, but the revelations about MPACUK's founder supporting Holocaust denier David Irving seem to have annoyed him sufficiently to react.

Here is the article from this site and here is the article on his. Notice that the two titles are the same, quite unimaginative. Anyway, here are some points that "utbah" might want to consider.

First off, you should have provided a link to the original article. Besides being very impolite not to, it also denies the reader the opportunity to see exactly what was said and in its original context.

Secondly, your accusations of Islamophobia are wrong for the simple reason that nothing said on this site about Muslims is untrue. This site never tarnishes all Muslims for the actions of a few - it points to the actions of that minority and asks why the "silent majority" do not become vocal.

Thirdly, if you had bothered to read the article properly you would have seen that at no point was it mentioned that supporting Palestinians was the same as denying the Holocaust. What was said was that denying the Holocaust does support the Palestinian cause of destroying Israel. Just because A implies B does not mean that B implies A.

While it may be true that more Palestinians have died than Israelis that doesn't indicate that the two sides are morally equivalent. While Israel takes steps to reduce civilian casualties (remember how they phoned terrorists to warn them, how they dropped leaflets on Lebanese villages to warn them); Palestinian terrorists set out deliberately to kill civilians.

Lastly, name-calling is never a good way to win an argument.