Friday, December 01, 2006

What on Earth

Can anyone decipher what MPACUK are trying to say. They have taken an article from the BBC about a local council that was reprimanded for badly handling the sale of a piece of land. A bid was put in to build a mosque on it but the council decided to make it into sheltered homes for the elderly. An investigation was launched after claims that the decision was racially motivated. The investigation concluded that it was not.

However, MPACUK have this on their front page:

Local Government Ombudsman Anne Seex investigated a claim that the decision was taken in response to racially motivated opposition in the area. ("If you don't like it leave? Hello, isn't exactly freedom to practice reliugion part of Democracy and sets us differant from the dictators in the world?)
Besides the poor spelling and grammar, and ignoring the fact that there is a clear attempt to give the impression that the case was indeed racially motivated when the article states that it wasn't; what is the author trying to say in the brackets?

At least they got the headline correct:
Silly Muslim's Playing the “Victim Mentality” Again
They may have been trying sarcasm but in this case they got it spot on.