Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taking A Break

Thanks to all readers who enquired after my welfare. I am OK but heavily snowed under with work. Therefore, I regret that the site will probably not be updated any time before the new year at the earliest.

It may also be time for a change in tactic. It is all very well sharing ideas amongst ourselves but we are rather preaching to the converted. What may be more effective would be to preach to those who oppose us.

It is my recommendation that you spend time leaving comments on those websites of those who encourage extremism. Let them know the truth about what is really happening in the world and do your best to counter their lies. Places like MPACUK are full of half-truths and complete fabrications which should be exposed. Of course they will not allow you to have a free say - they could not allow that - but flooding their servers with hundreds of comments exposing their lies and countering their propaganda would do more than this site could ever do.

Please take on this new tactic and spread it around to your friends. Good Luck.