Thursday, November 02, 2006

Al Ghurabaa Attack Police

Around 25 Muslims gathered outside the Old Bailey today to protest the trial of Mizanur Rahman. Rahman is on trial for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred during the infamous protests over the Danish cartoons.

The protest turned violent and several policemen received minor injuries including one being punched in the face. Four people were arrested and three others were taken in for questioning for apparently preventing one arrest.

Amongst the protesters was Abu Izzadeen, one of the leaders of Al Ghurabaa. Al Ghurabaa were also the group who organised the original protest over which Rahman is on trial. So, it isn't a big stretch to say that this group organised this protest to support one of their members.

The only problem is that Al Ghurabaa is supposed to be banned, so why do they continually pop up?

UPDATE: Abu Izzadeen was not alone leading his troops yesterday. Anjem Choudary another leader of Al Ghurabaa was also there. The Sun has a nice photo of the two of them at the protest. Mr Choudary said afterwards:

We should not be surprised at people doing something like 7/7. How else do you expect Muslims to express themselves?
If a non-Muslim had said that we could expect a hail of cries of "Islamophobia", and they would be right. So where will those condemnations be now?

UPDATE: According to The Telegraph, a large number of the protesters had their faces covered. They carried placards, one read, "Freedom to insult Mohammed, no freedom to defend his honour". There was also a separate enclosure for the women who carried other placards reading, "Shariah -— the only option for the UK."

It's a pity that the police had to wait until they were attacked before stopping this. If the new laws being proposed will encourage the police to actually take action, then they are a must. If they become just another set of laws that are selectively imposed, they will simply be counterproductive.