Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Moderate British Muslim Found - in Indonesia

A British based Muslim author has said that radicalisation is because of Muslims not simply foreign policy.

A Malaysian author wrote:
"Western policy and prejudice are a reason. But also we've been taught from young, Muslims vs Kafirs, Kafirs vs Muslims. When you have this concept of the other you're opening a whole can of worms."

And British based Ziauddin Sardar added:
"Trouble is that some Muslims think they own the truth. The idea of owning the truth is the crux of the problem, if you believe you have the perfect truth and you believe you have the right to impose it on others, then there's a problem."

The statement was made at a writers' conference in Bali. The question is why one has to go to Indonesia to hear such things. Why is no one in Britain saying the same?