Thursday, October 26, 2006

Honour Killing in London?

Yesterday an entire Muslim family was arrested in connection to the murder of a man. The victim was battered to death with a table leg when he went to visit the home of his girlfriend. The problem, you see, is that he was 21 and she was 13. Why he was seeing a girl of 13 is anyone's guess but that is immaterial.

While honour killings normally target the woman involved, last year a father and two sons were sentenced, in Oxford, for the murder of the daughter's boyfriend in an honour killing. This might be a similar incident.

One family friend told The Evening Standard, "You can imagine how upset the girl's mother and father were to know that their daughter was seeing a man of 21. Although the relationship was in its very early stages, they wanted it to stop as soon as possible."

The BBC also reports on the incident, but neglects to mention that the family is Muslim. No doubt, some may think it isn't relevant. Yet, it has the hallmarks of an honour killing, in which case the religion of the family is entirely pertinent.