Thursday, October 26, 2006

Omar Bakri Terror Funds

Yesterday we reported that the son of Omar Bakri was stopped while trying to smuggle £13,500 to his father in Lebanon. Omar then issued a direct threat against the police if the money was not returned.

We postulated that his terror operation was still active over the internet. Today, The Sun provided evidence of that:

Now a Sun investigation can reveal Bakri, 48, told supporters to hand over money to his son as much as four months ago. In an internet exchange in June, Bakri was asked by a would-be follower how he could donate money to help back his brand of Islamic extremism.

Bakri replied: "“It depends why you want to send the funds. Is it for the needy people or the Mujahideen or for other reasons?"

When the follower told him it was to help fund the Mujahideen - holy warriors -— Bakri told him: "“If you want to help the good work you can pass (funds) via Western Union or via the bank account.

"“Pass them directly to my son Abdul Rahman -— he is living in London. He keeps (a) low profile."

Later the article confirmed that this had taken place during a conversation in Paltalk.

UPDATE: Despite Bakri's threat to the police he won't be getting his money for at least three months. According to this report Special Branch were given three months to fully investigate the source of the money and what it was for. It also mentions that the son who was supposedly providing this large gift is unemployed.