Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Abu Hamza Extradition Delayed

Abu Hamza is currently serving a 7 year prison term for inciting racial hatred and murder. The US wants to try him for terrorism offences of supporting Al Qaeda and being involved in kidnappings in Yemen. However, the extradition hearing was delayed because of the possibility of an appeal to the High Court over Hamza's original conviction. His lawyers claim that he could not have had a fair trial.

It also emerged that Hamza was able to purchase a £220,000 house while in prison, despite having his bank accounts frozen. He is relying on legal aid (estimated to be £250,000 so far) and his family is living off benefits. The local MP said that this "stinks like a pigsty in August".

The decision as to whether to force Hamza to pay his own legal costs or not is now also delayed until after his appeal hearing.