Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veilgate Continues

The taking sides on this rather ridiculous topic continues. There is no doubt that the Muslim veil does make people uncomfortable. Mr Straw was also well within his rights to ask women to remove it if they didn't mind, none did. The people making all the fuss are not the women who were asked but politicians and more extreme Muslims trying to claim "victimhood".

Anyway, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality (hardly a racist) backed Straw. He said: I think it is perfectly reasonable for him to say he feels uncomfortable about it. I think it is right for him to say 'would you mind not making me feel uncomfortable' in this case, as long as it is clearly understood that the answer to that can be 'no'."

In other related news, Higher Education Minister Bill Rammell said that Imperial College was right to ban clothing that covers the face, including some Muslim veils. However, The Federation of Student Islamic Societies said that there should be no such ban.