Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Insulting Our Servicemen

It emerged today that Camilla removed her Remembrance Day poppy in favour of an Islamic scarf. While on an official visit to Pakistan she donned the Islamic scarf to show respect to her hosts, however, the poppy interfered with the scarf so the poppy was removed. An aide said, "She was advised it was better to wear the scarf rather than the poppy". This may well be the future Queen of Great Britain and she is putting Pakistani traditions ahead of British ones while representing Britain.

This isn't the only slight to the brave men who gave up their lives to save us all from Nazism. In Wood Green the local vicar has scrapped the normal Remembrance Sunday service because it isn't multi-cultural enough.

Mr King, the chairman of the Wood Green Royal British Legion, sums it all up brilliantly:
"There's not many ex-servicemen left but everyone goes on about looking after minorities these days, so what about us?"