Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Mega-Mosque, BBC and Dawah

Tim Whewell reports on the mega-mosque being planned next to the Olympic village. The whole report runs for just over 8 and a half minutes and can be viewed from here.

The report mentions the objections raised by some people and also talks about Tablighi Jamaat. It even tells us that the FBI has concerns over it. However, noticeably absent from the report is the key phrase, "an antechamber of fundamentalism".

The biggest shock in this report comes just 58 seconds in. Watch the first part below.

For those who didn't catch it the idea of this mosque is dawah. Dawah is the idea of "inviting" people to convert to Islam. So, the key concept behind the massive mosque to be built next door the Olympics is to convert as many people as possible to Islam.

UPDATE: Sir Ian Blair warned that the Olympics would be a "huge target" for terrorists. Maybe Mr Blair should look the 500 yards from the planned stadium and he'd see the first attempt by extremists to target them.