Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Committed Pacifist" Jailed for Brutal Attack

A member of the liberal part of the liberal-Islamist alliance has been sentenced to eight months in prison for a brutal attack that left a man in a coma. Christiaan Briggs battered the 19-year old so badly that he was in hospital for six weeks and needed to learn how to walk again.

The defence insisted that Briggs was a "committed pacifist" who is always "trying to make the world a better place". He spent three weeks in Iraq with the Truth Justice Peace Human Shield Action Group. On his blog (no longer updated) he explains that his reason for going to Iraq was to illustrate "an unbelievably important and simple lesson I learnt recently: Wanna be happy? Just centre your life around making others happy."

Funny how both radical Islam and its liberal allies claim to be peace-loving, despite the evidence to the contrary.

UPDATE: The Sun carries this quote from the judge, “This lashing out by people against strangers is a blight on our civilisation.”