Saturday, October 21, 2006

MAB Founder Kicked Off US Flight

A founder of the radical Islamic group The Muslim Association of Britain, Kamal Helbawy, was removed from a flight bound for the US. The US Department for Homeland Security did not explain why he was barred from entering their country other than to say that he was "inadmissible".

The Muslim Association of Britain, is a radical Islamic group. Earlier this year the Daily Mail revealed some of their terrorist connections; one of their members includes a former commander of Hamas, and they have been described by MPs as the British wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Mr Helbawy was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood when he founded MAB.

Today, they jointly organised a rally in Glasgow to protest against Islamophobia. They are also involved in organising tomorrow's Al Quds day march in London, an event that involves supporting Palestinian terrorists in their call for the genocide of Jews. Keep an eye out for the pictures and reports from these two events.