Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MPACUK Compares Israel to Nazis - Attacks Holocaust Survivors

MPACUK has reproduced an article from a blog comparing the forced labour of Jewish children by Nazis in concentration camps to the paid work of minors in an Israeli prison. No real detail of this supposed abuse is provided, but the few that are (e.g. they are paid a small amount and are given two meals a day) already show how vastly different the situations are.

The original source of this story is from The Palestine News Network, which does not seem to be entirely unbiased in its reporting.

MPACUK also decided to take a swipe at Holocaust survivors. In a report it says that Holocaust survivors used money, forged by the Germans, to escape after the war and rebuild their lives. One commenter asked, "Point? Besides the fact that few probably knew they were forged, does this really matter at all to anything about Islam?"

The answer, of course, is that anti-Semitism, whether overt or hidden in the form of anti-Israel is a key part of the Islamists propaganda. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, however ludicrous, is an attempt to undermine Israel's right to exist as shown by the Iranian president.