Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MCB: Everyone Should Wear Veil, Attacks MPACUK

The MCB has produced a statement regarding the veil. It is undersigned by representatives of about 25 Muslim groups; more on that later. The full report can be read here [pdf].

Just to pick out a couple of points from the report. In section 3 the MCB makes it clear that every Muslim should be wearing the veil:

The veil, irrespective of its specific juristic rulings, is an Islamic practice and not a cultural or a customary one as is agreed by the consensus of Muslim scholars; it is not open to debate....Not practicing something enjoined by Allah and His Messenger - regardless its legal status (i.e., whether obligatory, recommended or praiseworthy) - is a shortcoming; denying it is much more serious.
They also deny the right of any ordinary Muslim to debate the issue, in section 4:
We recognise the fact that Muslims hold different views regarding the veil, but we urge all members of the Muslim community to keep this debate within the realms of scholarly discussion amongst the people of knowledge and authority in the Muslim community.
There also appears to be a hidden attack on MPACUK. It has been noted here that MPACUK is trying to force MCB out of the way and take its position. In section 2 of the report MCB writes:
We strongly condemn any attempt by any individual or organisation to create disunity in the Muslim community.
MPACUK has been posting articles on their website about the veil issue for a couple of weeks now, including using it to extort money from Muslims. That explains this from section 5:
Furthermore, we warn Muslim individuals and organisations to avoid seeking to capitalise on this debate in order to further political or personal interests.
Finally, the report is signed by lots of organisations including, IHRC and Hizb-ut-Tahrir. But there is no signature from MPACUK.