Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IHRC Revisited

Yesterday, Tony Blair described Jack Straw's comments on veils as "perfectly sensible". Of course, criticising Islam gets you into a lot of trouble with some people these days. The IHRC released a press statement:

To argue that a few thousand women in veil constitute the obstacle to community cohesion is nothing but an Islamophobic ploy to ignore the root causes of alienation of the most discriminated community in Britain today.
The reality is that those veiled women who visited Jack Straw's office took a substantial step towards integration and engagement with the system only to be told that the system does not recognise them as equal citizens.

In other news, the IHRC is promoting "The Annual Al Quds Day March" which is "a time to reflect on the oppression of millions world-wide through the symbolism of Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for justice".

Just to give a taste of what to expect, the speakers include: Dr Azzam Tamimi, George Galloway, Massoud Shadjareh and Yvonne Ridley. Organisations taking part include: Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Muslim Association of Britain, The Respect Party, Stop the War Coalition and the event is sponsored by Muslim Council of Britain.

At last years march, there were calls for the destruction of Israel, open support of the terrorism against Israel, and plenty of people waving Iranian and Hezbollah flags. See pictures here. Expect the same this year.