Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MPACUK Extortion

First, a definition, from Cambridge's Online Dictionary:

verb [T]
to obtain something by force or threat
MPACUK has a wonderful article on their site. It lambasts Muslims in Blackburn for failing to vote against Jack Straw at the last election. The young men who make up MPACUK complain that only non-Muslims would provide them with free lodging. They claim that they were beaten up by fellow Muslims who wanted to keep them quiet. They grumble that Muslims would not accept black-and-white flyers only expensive colour ones and then "Too often we found even the color ones on the floor down the street."

Then they threaten the entire Muslim community:

The Muslims of the UK did not support MPACUK with their money or even their voluntary time. We fought Jack Straw and other MP's with a handful of brothers and sisters while the most of you carried on your comfortable lives.

Well now we are all paying the price. Attack after attack is being reported to the Police, hardly covered in the press. The man we were beaten up for by Muslims, has stabbed them the very cronies he relied on in the back. The rest of us are paying the price. When will you Muslims realize that its time to make a stand and organize yourselves, to protect your rights and give some of your money to groups who protect you. Because if you don'’t, soon enough all the money in the world will not save you from what is coming.
And below that it a form to make a donation of either £20 or £10 a month for a year. Does that fit the definition given above?