Thursday, October 12, 2006

Give Iran a Nuke?

A day after the Higher Education minister, Bill Rammell, backed Imperial College on its ban of face coverings, including the Muslim veil, his counterpart, Conservative Boris Johnson, was appeasing Iran. In an article in The Telegraph he said that we should allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb or even give them one ourselves.

His reasoning is that Iran only wants a nuke to defend themselves against the US. His plan? Have the US help Iran to build a nuke on condition that "the Iranian leadership stops raving about attacking Israel, for instance, and that progress is made towards democracy, and so on."

It has to be asked what planet he is living on. In Iran the US is referred to as "The Big Satan" with Israel as its little partner. The shouts of "Death to America" are as loud as the cries for the destruction of Israel. Does he really think that appeasing Iran will make them act nice? He is simply following in the footsteps of another Conservative who got us into a 6 year war because he thought that giving Hitler what he wanted would make him play nice.