Monday, October 09, 2006

Small Anti-War Protest (updated)

A small group of anti-war liberals protested illegally outside Parliament today campaining for the whole government to be sacked. There are a few points I want to highlight. Firstly, that this is a prime example of far-left politics at work; claims that Blair is a war criminal and that Britain's actions amount to state terrorism.

Secondly, the police managed to arrest 38 protesters, mostly for protesting illegally. Yet another example that the police are capable of taking action when they choose to. It should also be noted that the protesters were violent, even injuring an innocent photographer.

Finally, and most poiniently, the BBC has this to say:

A small group of protesters, wearing hooded tops and scarves, [my emphasis] tried to cross the road from Parliament Square but were prevented from doing so and held in a cordon.
Now, why do you suppose that the BBC decided to make mention of this fact? Might it be that covering one's face is intimidating? Like this man: