Thursday, October 26, 2006

Defender of Faiths?

It has long been rumoured that Prince Charles would like to be known as "Defender of Faiths" . Now he has said that he wants to be coronated twice. Once in the usual Christian way; as the monarch of a Christian country and the new head of the Anglican Church. Then he wants another ceremony, a multi-faith one.

His courtier , quoted in the Daily Express, said, "As sovereign, he will wish to demonstrate that he can set an example for the entire country to follow." But this is the wrong sort of message to send.

It tells people that he is ashamed of his Christian heritage. Philip Davies MP sums it up nicely:

This country is a Christian country. ItÂ’s our heritage and we should defend it. This pandering to other religions does not impress me. I donÂ’t think it impresses people of other faiths either. They might respect our religion more if we respected it in the way they respect theirs.
Quite so. Especially with many Islamists feeling that the West doesn't have the will to stand up to them. During this era we must show that we are proud of our culture, as it is, and proud of our history too.