Monday, October 09, 2006

CofE: Government Favours Muslims

Canon Guy Wilkinson, The Archbishop of Canterbury's adviser on other faiths, has written a report stating that the government has favoured Islam over other faiths. According to the Evening Standard "the report questioned why Britain is regarded as a 'multi-faith' society when more than seven out of ten people say they are Christians and only one in 20 follow another faith."

The report also said:

One might argue that disaffection and separation is now greater than ever, with Muslim communities withdrawing further into a sense of victimhood, and other faith communities seriously concerned that the Government has given signals that appear to encourage the notion of a privileged relationship with sections of the Muslim community.
It is interesting that the report mentions victimhood. Across the globe Muslims claim to be victims. In Iraq they are "victims" of US and UK aggression and occupation when it is Muslims who are killing each other. In Lebanon and the Occupied Territories they claim to be "victims" of Israeli oppression while declaring their intention to destroy Israel and kill all Jews in it. The list of grievances is nearly endless and it is about time that we in the West stopped buying into it.