Monday, October 23, 2006

Update on the Invisible Protests

Glasgow Protest

USS Neverdock has done some more investigation on this particular rally. It was supposed to attract thousands of people but apparently they people at Stop the War HQ had no idea it was taking place. The local branch knew of it but were not attending. Check back with him for any further developments on this one.

Al Quds Day March

Reports are now arriving about this event; not from the MSM but from the bloggers. Justify This was there and his blog will be updated with the pictures and videos he collected. (Hat Tip: Prester John).

Another blog, publicansdecoy, went on the rally. Although not a supporter of Israel (by his own admission) he was rightly shocked by the events. He has plenty of photos, as well as a good report.

True to form, the event was filled with Islamists declaring their desire to destroy Israel, their support for Hezbollah and their aim to create an Islamic state in Britain.

So why no media attention? Let's hope USS Neverdock is right that the MSM has woken up to the evil nature of these events and is starting to shut out the radicals.