Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Omar Bakri Funds Seized, Threat Issued

We all know about Omar Bakri. He is the man who established Al-Muhajiroun and remains the mentor for people like Anjem Choudary and Abu Izzadeen. He fled Britain for Lebanon in 2005 fearing prosecution for treason and was subsequently banned from returning. When Israel decided to hit back at Hezbollah he begged the Royal Navy to "rescue" him; they didn't. For some more info check his entry on Wikipedia.

His son, Abdul Raham Fostok, was stopped at Heathrow on his way to Lebanon. He was found to have £13,500 in cash stuffed in a brown envelope marked "Daddy". The money was confiscated by police under the Proceeds of Crime Act that allows money to be taken when there is a suspicion that it will be used for terrorism. Abdul himself was questioned but allowed to continue his journey.

Omar Bakri is still in contact with his agents in Britain via the internet, giving nightly sermons and discussion over paltalk. This month he revealed his connections to the 7/7 bombers during one such discussion.
While his followers are free in Britain he remains a danger. As this attempt to smuggle money shows he is still up to no good.

UPDATE: Omar Bakri wants his money back. Speaking from his house in Lebanon he threatened the police:

I am not expecting any problem with the money but if I do not get it there will be trouble. I will take action because it is my property.

God says you must do all in your power to get something back if it is taken from you - even if it costs you your life. They will be playing with fire."
That alone seems enough reason to keep it. After all, he told reporters, "I do not especially need the gift"

UPDATE: Just found this article from The Sun. They claim that, "The Home Office will tomorrow ask for a formal High Court seizure order." Better watch out for a revenge attack.

Also from the article:

Despite living in exile, the cleric has a luxury flat -— and sources close to him claim he is STILL scrounging off the state.

One pal said: "“He doesn'’t work. It has been obvious he has been using his family to help fund his lavish lifestyle."”