Friday, October 27, 2006


An interesting article has appeared on MPACUK's website. Ostensibly it is an apology to the MCB over some comments made by the head of MPACUK that were apparently misquoted. However, looking a bit closer reveals a lot.

He supposedly said, "At first, I welcomed Bari's appointment because he's a thoughtful man and not an arrogant master of the universe like some of the others in the MCB, but he has simply become their mouthpiece. At least Sir Iqbal was his own man."

There is no indication of who misquoted poor Mr Bukhari (CEO of MPACUK). In fact, running his name through Google News search turns up no hits. Running his name through google wb search with the term MCB do not turn up this supposed quote. So, who exactly misquoted him?

Later in the article Mr Bukhari declares:

MPACUK have for years avoided criticising the MCB in public (and infact defended them countless times) not because they are above criticism but because regardless of their limitations they are trying at least to make a difference and with that they have our support.
Call me cynical, but given that MCB attacked MPACUK earlier this week (see here) I wouldn't be surprised if MPACUK invented this "misquote" to hit back. Looks like the rivalry is intensifying; is it too early to make comparisons to factional violence in Iraq and Gaza?