Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Headteachers Have Right Idea

The Scotsman reports that The Headteachers' Association of Scotland has called for teachers to watch out for radicalisation amongst their Muslim pupils. This is similar to the call by John Reid for Muslim parents to do the same. The General Secretary of the Association said:

"I think teachers and headteachers do and should exercise a vigilance and duty of care over pupils and, if there are signs of possible radicalism, staff should seek to point out to them the real dangers involved.
If there are any signs of possible problems among Muslim pupils - and that could be anywhere in the country, not just in inner cities - then action will be taken."
What I am wondering is why this was done in Scotland, where there doesn't seem to be a problem, and not done in England where there is most certainly a big problem. One can only hope that the English teachers take note and follow suit.