Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Police Can Act...

...when they feel like it. After the clashes outside a mosque in Preston, the police decided they needed to act to clamp down on those who threw rocks at cars parked outside the mosque. Very commendable and yet, not something they feel required to do when the victims are Catholics outside Westminster Cathedral.

The police raided houses and found illegal drugs. But, lest you think that was what this raid was about the police chief explains to the BBC:
"When we said we would take firm and positive action we meant it.
"The community are telling us very clearly that they will not put up with a small group of individuals terrorising their community.
"We have listened to these concerns and are acting. We are working very hard to reassure local people that we will do whatever we can to restore harmony to Avenham."

And in a local newspaper he said:
"We want to root out the trouble-makers who are making life uncomfortable for other members of the community."