Thursday, October 05, 2006

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Just a post looking at the IHRC. They have an urgent appeal for the release of two Yemeni prisoners. These prisoners are being held in connection with terrorism against the country's government by a radical Shia group.

All the IHRC says about this group is: "In 2004 there were mass uprisings in the north of Yemen between al-Houthi’s followers and the Yemeni authorities." Pretty bland. But here's a taste of the sort of thing this group are interested in. From the BBC report of a trial of some of the groups followers:

"Judge Nagib Qadri was forced to suspend proceedings after the accused began to chant "death to America, death to Israel" and turned their backs on the bench whilst loudly reciting Koranic verses."
Is it odd that the IHRC is campaigning for radical Islamic terrorists to be released from prison. Not really. One of their aims and objectives is:

"2. To promote a new social & international order, based on truth, justice, righteousness & generosity, rather than selfish interest."

You can guess whose truth and justice they have in mind.

But, I do have one question; why is it that groups who claim to be interested in human rights never demand that prisoners are given fair trials, they always insist that the prisoner be freed instead. Can anyone figure that one out?